SIPmly offers inbound phone service to practically any location from any location in the United States, and provides nationwide SIP origination service to over 87% of the U.S. markets. SIPmly is designed and built exclusively for VoIP. We’re not burdened by outdated infrastructure, legacy agreements, or archaic billing and reporting techniques that commonly effect performance and accessibility.

When we designed SIPmly, we focused on reliability, flexibility, and most of all usability. We sought to achieve all this in an innovative and unique way. Our control panel allows our costumers to search, provision, and route phone numbers (DIDs) instantaneously with ease. Call detail reports (CDR) reflect in real time and can be downloaded according to the user's specific requested timeframes.

SIP Origination Features

  • Nationwide CLEC footprint
  • 6,000+ rate centers serve up phone numbers (DIDs) virtually anywhere in the US
  • Unlimited channels for inbound calls
  • Downloadable real time call detail records (CDR)
  • Separate signaling and audio facilities for DTMF reliability & flexibility (RFC-2833)
  • RESTful API Access
  • Automatic CNAM, Directory Listing, and LIDB *
  • T.38 (Real-time Group 3 facsimile communication over IP) *
  • SMS (Short Messaging Services) *
  • Extended coverage in Canada, HI, AK, PR

* Available Optional Services

SIP Origination Rates

  • $1.50 Per DID (Non-Recurring Charge / Setup Fee)
  • $1.00 Per DID (Monthly Recurring Charge)
  • $0.01 Per Minute

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